I will live in an RV for a year...maybe

I have an idea, and for me that's not a huge deal. My ideas sometimes feel endless and tiresome. They keep me up all hours of the night, and motivate me through the day.

But this idea feels different.

I recently returned from an inspiring trip to Denver, Colorado. Inspiring for many reasons, but mainly because I love mountain air and what it does to my head.

I was so inspired to live simply, and simply live. Not that I live an extravagant lifestyle right now by many means, but I'm at this period of transition in my life and also this crossroads of seeking adventure.

I need an adventure and a challenge. But I need it to be within the confines of my job. As much as I fantasize about working independantly or hitting the road in a year-long RV escapade, it's not reality right now. I'm also not the kind of person to wait for the magical day when it can happen, because I know that day is never likely to come. Seize the moment NOW.

So I need an adventure. And one that fits within my lifestyle as a newspaper editor, which is a crazy, hectic lifestyle but one I can't live without right now.

Hence, the idea.

I will live in an RV for a year. And my living expenses will not exceed a pre-designated amount of money. I'm not going to reveal what that amount is yet because it might change, but I'll just say - it's not a lot. Like, maybe in the range of $10,000-not-a-lot.

There are a few things I need to make this happen. For one, an RV. One that fits into my very tight budget, which means that someone will probably have to gift me an RV for a year unless they're willing to accept a very low lease amount. Very low. There will be perks, though. Mention and advertising on my daily blog I'll create and maintain just for the project. And perhaps a line or two in a column for my newspaper. And if there's a movie made about the ordeal, they could get a cameo. I might allow that.

This project, or experiment, doesn't have a name yet, and don't steal the idea. True, it's not original, but still. Stealing ideas isn't nice. Although you could argue I'm stealing the idea from someone else who stole it from someone else who stole it from someone else....you get the idea. Ha, idea.

So what do you say? Do you have an RV I could use? One that I could paint on the inside with bright, doll-house colors, one that my dog could stay in with me, one that has a fridge and a stove and most importantly, heating and air? I'm not trying to be too picky in my budgeted state, but there are some things I'm not willing to live without for a year. Although I've gone the summer so far without sleeping in AC. And I've lived. Amazing.

This does mean I'll likely have to surrender my Blackberry, which makes me depression-status sad. But it's for the sake of the project. And again, I think I'll survive.


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