I will make my kids throw away their own trash

So I took my two year old to eat at a fast food restaurant for lunch.  It was a fun lunch.  My son enjoyed looking out the window at all of the cars and trucks.  A baseball team was also eating at the same restaurant with their families.  The team consisted of 10-11 year old boys in fancy matching baseball uniforms.  They all had nice sunglasses and some were carrying around smart phones.  All of the boys were sitting at a big long table with their families sitting at tables around them.  In general they appeared to be well behaved. They were a little loud and rowdy, but that is behavior that  I would expect from a group of preteen boys at a fast food plac.e 

This is what I could not believe. When the team was finishing up lunch, two mothers in matching team t-shirts got up from their seats and started pick trash off the floor and basically bus the preteen boys' table.  One of the boys said to pile all of the trash on a tray a mother was carrying.  None of the boys said thank you or offered to take it to the trash.  I could understand this if the boys were younger, but the boys were 10-11 years old. They were old enough to have smart phones! 

After our lunch, I asked my two year old to help me pick up the trash on the table and put it on the tray.  He was happy to help out and I told him thank you for helping.  I even lifted him up so he could help me put it in the garbage can.  So if my two year old can help. Older kids can do it too.  Mothers of the world, give, your children more responsibility, Please?


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