I Will Not Be Afraid of My Future

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[Editor's Note: It is so, so, so important that we not lose ourselves in motherhood. Which is a challenge, because we live so much of our lives through our children's eyes, our hearts in our throat, waiting for their next success or challenge. But we have our own successes and challenges, to face, too. And guess what? Our children are rooting for us as well. Read this amazing post from Julie to help you remember to dream for yourself, not just your child! Here's a snippet.]

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My heart and soul are completely sure that I'm ready for this next part of my life…the part where I use my talents & gifts how I see fit. The part of my life when I'm not just working for insurance or a paycheck, but working to actually live! The part of my life when I choose love, contentment, and happiness with every new paragraph I write and every photograph I take. The part of my life when I choose to help others reach their potential, not because I'm paid by some organization, but because it's what I want to do!

Yes, my heart and soul are convinced, but sometimes my head isn't. For the last few weeks, my head was stuck in TOO SCARY & TOO RISKY mode, and I was having a hard time moving out of it…until yesterday…

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