I will not Indulge in Ignorance-“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” ―Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ignorance has manifested itself in America. There is a wealth of ignorant comments poisoning the information highway. Willful decisions, matters which engages malice and ignorance not taken into consideration. This is not limited to ordinary people but extends to the highest level of governance, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director resulting in soap opera scenarios right from Days of Our Lives, http://www.nbc.com/days-of-our-lives/.

This Ignorance’s could have been avoided, yet, the consequences of ignorance are ignored.

A wife running over her husband, http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57548845-504083/holly-solomon-pregnant-arizona-wife-runs-over-husband-for-not-voting-in-presidential-election-police-say/, people committing suicide, ignorance all related to the end results of the election. The idea that a friend of mine described my beloved church as a cult simply because a member did not vote for Obama and described him as evil is insightfully ignorance.  This is a church, albeit a huge organization, but one that feeds the homeless, love the poor and travel the world to spread the word of God http://gochristfellowship.com/. The very heartbeat of Christ Fellowship is demonstrating its passion for people, which has resonated in my teenage daughter to serve at CF on a weekly basis. Who cares if CF church members voted for Romney? If all Americans voted for Obama, this nation wouldn’t be America, where people can elect their own president. When I asked her what would make her think my church is a cult, she responded, “They are Christian Conservatives.”  Appalled at such Ignorance, I was frightful of it and refused to indulge in it.

The idea that people will indulge in ignorance with an article beginning with this: Our president is either a habitual liar or someone very misinformed and not on top of the national situations. I will give him the benefit by only calling him stupid and incompetent. http://brainerddispatch.com/opinion/guest-columns/2012-11-15/upset-election-results-voter-ignorance. Upset by the election result, this author demonstrated ignorance by calling voters ignorant.

The idea that the former Presidential Candidate continues to indulge in ignorance when he reported to his donors, "I'm very sorry that we didn't win," "I know that you expected to win. We expected to win. We were disappointed; we hadn't anticipated it." Not that I anticipated Romney’s loss. In fact, in a recent post I had little faith of the President’s victory. Romney, without a concession speech and not anticipating a loss shows me arrogance and ignorance.

But, despite it all; we are all Americans who are required to share this nation with each other. Can we remain focused on protecting what’s important to us?  We cannot allow ourselves to continue to indulge when we are faced with issues that threaten our survival and our worth to other nations.

With the ability to fact check via varied modalities, if people still choose to indulge in Ignorance; I will not entertain it!

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