I Will Sacrifice Proper Movie Theater Etiquette for the Sake of Winning an Argument. You've Been Warned.

Last night at the movies:

Dragon: Can I get two for The Django, please?

Me: Did you just say “The Django”?

Dragon: Heh.. no…

Me: I think you did. You just called it “The Django”. It’s just “Django”.

Dragon: No, it’s “D-Jango!” There’s a “D” at the front!

Me: Yeah, that “D” is silent. You don’t say it. I’ve never heard it said “D-Jango” – even when Jaime Foxx was on SNL, I just heard it pronounced “Jango”. No “D”.

Dragon: He probably just said it quickly.

Me: …yeah, him and the rest of the world apparently…

And now a quick snippit from the film – sorry for the slight spoiler (not really):

Some Southern Dude: What’s your name, boy?

Django: Django.

That Same Southern Dude: How do you spell that?

Django: D-J-A-N-G-O… The “D” is silent.

Me (in the theater): HA! I WIN!


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