I will scream if women do not stop call each other FAT!!!!

This weekend I was at the mall shopping with a "friend" and all she could talk about was how fat the women in the mall were. She just lost 25 pounds and I remember when she would get angry when people would comment on her weight. Personally, I did too.  Weight is just one of those things that just does never mattered to me. She ruined my entire afternoon (no to mention my Haagen Daz Carmel malt that I was enjoying, I threw it away) and I just walked away and I ACTUALLY CAUGHT THE BUS HOME, because I was dumb enough to let her drive.

Personally, I have never had a weight problem, but I do know that it is not easy trying to lose weight and the last thing that anyone in that situation needs to hear is that they are fat. I was disappointed, angry and I don't know that I will ever speak to her again.

I will be glad when women give one another a little more respect. I know that all women are not like this, but the few that are, PLEASE STOP. Everyone is not going to be skinny and beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Will we ever listen and learn.

Sherry Trenee


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