At Least My Teenager Isn't [Fill In the Blank]

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[Editor's Note: "Parenting: It's a crap shoot." That's a line from this post by Mindee at Our Front Door and while I don't have teenagers (yet!), I found myself nodding. You can do everything right. You can be supportive and present and generally awesome, and your kids can still make the wrong choices. Mindee shares a story about a friend of their family that helped her put some of her kids' recent choices in perspective. It can always be worse. Right? -Jenna]

I Will Spend 12 Years Parenting Teenagers:

At Least My Kid Isn'tWe parents of teenagers have a game we play. It's called "At Least My Child Isn't." As in:

  • My child may have a D in math but at least she isn't ditching class.
  • My child may have stayed out past curfew but at least he didn't come home drunk.
  • My child may be lying to me, but at least she isn't pregnant.
  • My child's room may be health hazard but at least they're home every night.
  • My child may have dyed his hair blue, but at least he isn't getting tattoos.

Have you played "At Least My Child Isn't" yet?

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