I Wish I Had a Picture


I posted a picture of my mother and my sister Jan the month Jan arrived from Korea and flew into my mother's arms, but I cannot for some reason post it here. To see the picture go to (http://the90daymillionairechallenge.blogspot.com) where I have a countdown as to the progress of producing my book Don't Tell Mommy.  I found this clipping on microfilm at the U of O library, for the clipping from The Dalles Chronicle I thought I had, I didn’t.

 Okay, I’m ready to submit Don’t Tell Mommy to BookBaby. After many hours of searching and contemplation I think BookBaby is my choice. Now I’m scared. Why?

  •  I’m not sure I have it (the book) together sufficiently. (Well, I’m not sure I have my life together sufficiently either, but that’s another story.)


  • I'm afraid it will be like throwing a party and nobody shows up.


  • Nobody will buy the book and I will be dashed.


But then, that’s stupid. Of course they will be interested. My mother wrote those letters, and those letters survived for 50 years.


The time is right. Jan just passed away this last April, I must get the word out. She was courageous in exposing the secret. I was not.


My letters to Mom are good letters, honest, they fill in the blanks.


The sexual abuse issue must be told.  Perhaps besides being squeamish about it, I still feel that mother did not know, and even posthumously, I’m embarrassed to tell her.


 I’m swallowing my fears and doing it anyway…


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