I wish I was a writer

I wish I was a writer?  What kind of writer?  No idea.

I wish I could take all my jackassery on this blog and in my crazy head and write a book of crazy-assery.

I’m not sure if you can fathom the depth of the crap in my head.  The stuff that pops in and I think “I need to blog that” or “damnation, that’s funny, I need to write that”.  Seriously…I keep a list on my phone of possible ideas.

I realized, today, that I haven’t been able to write.  Really anything.  My writing just stopped.  I struggled.  I wrote dedications to my Daddy and his progress.  That sadness had to come out….blogging helped.  I did a much better job of writing it than I could have said it.  It hurts too badly to read aloud.

I remember I liked a big ole soap box entry on jackassery.  A nice steaming diatribe of the crap I encounter daily.  Some funny?  Yep  All ridiculous?  Yep.

Like the new addition to the Animal Shelter…Baxter.  We made it a year and a half before we took in another stray.  After I SPECIFICALLY said “NO.  MORE.  PETS”.  Then comes Baxter, the partially Ginger cat.

And the crazy thing?  He’s GOOD.  He’s sweet.  He snuggles.  He’s APPRECIATIVE that I gave him a damn place to live…UNLIKE the Jackass and Hexi, FYI.  He is a soft snuggly lovey cat.  He comes and lays on me when I get sad or upset.  He snuggles with Ryan and licks his cheek.  So, the 7th (yes, 7th) pet is a keeper.  I know damn well every single person that SAW me BRING that cat here…and ask for a home for him, KNEW he would stay.  I’m a sucker.

I’ve got to get some writing mojo back — it is very theraputic.  My kids have started a new year of school, which has already led to a heated debate with Ryan regarding “why I have to do AR if I hate it?”  Which WILL become a blog.  And Owen has started soccer and been advised “it isn’t kickball”.  Because he boots the ball to the moon.  This too shall become a blog.

Maybe this is Hateful Joy turning a corner….and trying to write.  Not GOOD writing….but telling a stories.


Mojo Returning Soon

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