I wish I were Octomom

Not the Octomom with 8 kids but the Octomom with 8 octopus-length arms so I could sit in one place for more than 3 seconds before someone asked me to get up and do something.  It seems really bad when I sit down at the computer.  All 3 kids could be playing blissfully together (or seperately) and the second I pull the keyboard drawer out all hell breaks loose.  It's like some kind of weird, tribal, conditioned response.  At least with multiple sets of extra long arms, there would be a chance that my other 6 arms could be blowing noses, getting drinks, referreeing, and/or turning lights on/off while my 2 hands continued to type away (or wash dishes or fold laundry...you get the picture).

If I believed in evolution, I could hope for better for my great, great, great, great, great...great granddaughters.  But, alas, I am a creationist.  Oops.  That's a whole different can of worms for another day never.

Ironic note: As I'm saving this post, my daughter calls out from the bath tub where she's melting away the plastic around one of those capsule foamy things (that's the technical name), "Mom, it's an octopus!"



Mom with 3 kids in tow
Director of Girl Scout Relations-FLL Maryland



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