I wish for something good to come out of this wishing well!

Oh dear. We might as well split up and walk alone down dark corridors when we know there's a three headed monster on the loose. I ask you, what good could possibly come from such a vague, desperate and misplaced wish? Well hang on to your pennies and do not, under any circumstances, cast them into any body of water whatsoever! Puddles count. In fact, the humble puddle can be the most dangerous of them all. It seems so innocuous, so harmless, but let me tell you - here be danger and here be monsters! But I digress... And while I have prattled on to soothe your tattered nerves, the penny did indeed drop into the wishing well - plink - plink - as it ricochets off the deep dark walls, sploosh! It hits the bottom.... We hold our breath. We hear nothing. We heave a sigh of relief in the silence. To soon... A whirring, a scraping, a thundering, a ripe stench and a flapping of wings - something is coming!