I Wish...and other thoughts on Weiner, politics and mess.

When did we become so interested in gossip as replacemnt for real news? When did we co-sign to be co-partners in other folks pain.  Sure we wrap up our unhealthy fascination into other people's lives under the guise of I have a right to know stance.  We treat politicians like we own them, when in fact we don't.  Your vote does not entitle you to anything other than supporting the energy and ideals of someone representing you in public office. Yes we want them to be honest and forthright.  Yet we get it twisted, we want them to be our better selves. We toss out cute catch phrases like honesty and integrity and trust. Does that really work in our lives...are we all trusting, truthful and of high moral character 100% of the time?  We want to weigh in on people's marriages, their children, their fashion sense or lack thereof. We want to concern ourselves with bullshit that doesn't move us closer to creating jobs, stopping folks from losing their homes, healthcare for all and women's right to continue to choose.

Our schools are in a mess all across America.  People are hungry and the numbers are growing. Folks are sick and tired and all that seems to capture the news is some Congressman's sexting.  Is this news?  Now the hypocrites want his resignation.  They want him to quit.  They want him to go away so everyone can say look look we have acted! Then we can move on to the next entertaining topic.

You know what I want? I want everyone to shut up about this man, his wife and her pregnancy.  I want everyone to shut up about Hilary and Bill Clinton and trying to show connections and similiarites.  I want the news outlets to go back to reporting news with integrity, intelligence and wit.  I am tired of this nasty, peeping-tom, gotcha, exploitive mess that passes for news.

I want the Congressman (or the next person caught in some compromised situation) to hold their press conference(s) at a poor elementary school in a town that is hardest hit by the recession. Or maybe go and speak in front of a home that was forceclosed on.  Maybe we ought to start linking pop culture entertainment with real-life issues to bring attention to them. When do we rise above this foolishness and really wrap our brains, hearts and minds around issues that really make a difference in people's lives.

If we want our politicians to be better, then we must be better...you and I.  It starts with refusing to be a co-partner in pain and humiliation of each others.  Grace and redemption isn't given because it's deserved.  We accept grace and redemption when we make up our minds to live better and move forward.  It is not me or you saying to someone you are  redeemed and forgiven...it is you and I forgiving ourselves and working to live and be better.

...getting off my soap box...drops mic...walks off stage.

Be loving & Be in LOVE


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