No, I Won't Helicopter Parent My Teen's Love Life!

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She said that her ex-husband was not a fan of my daughter after what happened in the 9th grade. She doesn't want her son to be the "runner up because I have no other options right now" boyfriend. They don't want to see him get hurt by her again. How do we know that he won't royally dump HER this time? I was pissed to say the least.

Am I wrong to suggest to her that we stay out of their so-called love life? Am I wrong to be upset that she called me to fish for answers to questions she cannot get out of her own son because he does not share with them? Am I wrong to be incredibly pissed at the comment, "I just think he likes her because there is an edge to her"...? Because she isn't like all the other flat-ironed, heavy makeup, Miss Me Jeans, Tory Burch shoes and Vera bag girls that go to that school. That she marches to the beat of her own drummer (and believe me she is normal -- average-jeans and a t-shirt ponytail kid of girl-still a tomboy)?

They are TEENAGERS. They are not having sex or doing drugs or even sneaking out drinking. I know because they are at my home all the time, and totally accessible to me at any moment. Seriously. My motto has always been not to jump into her life unless she is doing something dangerous to herself or to others. I am not going to think this high school relationship is any more than it is. I am not going to interfere and give her any advice that could further ruin her relationships with men in the future. If she doesn't learn now, she never will. And neither will he.

Am I crazy?


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