I Would Be Proud To Have Miley Cyrus As A Daughter


Myley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s caused quite the stir.In promoting her new album, Miley did the unthinkable as a woman.  She rubbed up on a married Robin Thicke, twerked all night long, and revealed, what I consider to be, a very healthy tongue.  I may stand alone when I say that all of these behaviors set an excellent example to women everywhere.  It is Miley’s imperfection, full expression of self and non- approval seeking behaviors that makes Miley admirable in my eyes.

Miley is not a people-pleaser. From her own Twitter account (where she writes scandalous things) to her own personal style which she wears unapologetically. Miley has clearly rejected the people-pleaser role many women take on in their lives.  She is not living to please her boyfriend, her friends or fans. She is just being Miley.

A Source gave the following statement to HollywoodLife:

“Liam’s family is very conservative, so she knows they won’t approve of her performance,” the source added. “But she had to make a decision when she started all of this, is she going to shape her career to please Liam and his family? Or is she going to be the artist she wants to be?”

It is clear that Miley is going to be the artist she wants to be, whether you agree with it or not.

You don’t have to be an artist to live life like Miley.  You can reject the people pleaser role many women adopt in their lives.  You can be bold and brave in the classroom by raising your hand even when you don’t know the right answer.  You can “Lean In,” at work like Sheryl Sandberg suggests in her book, even if failure is possible or likely.   You can allow yourself to make mistakes, learn from them and express yourself to the fullest. That is what true womanhood is all about. 

Learn from Miley.  You don’t have to live a life with your tongue out all the time. But PLEASE stick it out occasionally.



Stay True,



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