I Would Rather Throw My Vote...

For weeks, I have been only skimming Facebook because the political posts going around have literally driven me crazy… I am so sick of reading all the blah blah blah about who and why I should vote for someone. However, today I guess I feel the need to explain what people are missing here. Especially my union brother and sisters that I feel have literally missed the importance of why Romney is NOT who you should be voting for. 

Why would you vote for a man that wants to obliterate the union?!
You are a union worker! Your homes, food, children, medical etc. are PAID BY A UNION WAGE. Without your union, there WOULD BE NO MIDDLE CLASS. Do you realize that with no middle class our country would fail?

From 1947- 1972, the peak years of unionization, productivity in our nation increased by 102%, and median household income increased by 102%. 
As the rate of unionization began to fall, a huge hole opened within the economy and the incomes of ordinary blue collar Americans declined, so much so that in recent decades, all the gains in productivity have shown to go to the wealthiest 10% of Americans.
When labor was at its pinnacle in 1955, the wealthiest 10% claimed only 33% of the nation’s income. By 2007, with the labor movement greatly weakened, the wealthiest 10% claimed 50% of the nation’s income.

Why do we constantly boo the unions when it is proven over and over how beneficial the unions are! When unions are powerful, they boost the incomes of not only their members but also of nonunion workers. Do you think you would make a living wage without a union?? Think carefully before you answer this question.

What would your income look like…

How about benefits. Would you have any? If so, would it be affordable? Look at your family and the life style you live and tell me you would still be living as you are. (This goes for people in a non-union as well, because again…your income would be less if your company wasn’t trying to compete with wages of union workers.)
As it stands, union workers ARE paid a living wage; they have holidays off, 40-hour workweeks, retirement, paid sick and family leave. How would life be without those things? 

How about having to work twice as hard for the income you make now?
I have been on both sides of that spectrum. Let us just say even the poorly ran unions are better than making id="mce_marker"0.00 an hour with a degree. Could you raise a family on id="mce_marker"0.00 an hour? Could you do it without having to work a second job or run to the state for aide? Could you live without having to juggle bills or decide whether to buy groceries or pay the electric bill? 

Private sector companies are there to get rich, not make the employee happy. What would happen without our middle-class? This is what our country survives on. It is the middle class who spends money, buys homes, vacations, etc… not the poor… 

So all my union friends (and non), who have been promoting Romney every five min for the last month… Heed my words, and remember that the man you want elected, decided that not only should women lose their rights to choose, he has also decided that you made to much money and want's to oblitderate what is left of our middle class, allowing only our upper class to reap the benefits of the new change. 


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