I wrote a romance novel

Y’all, I am pleased to announce that I, Betty Fokker writing under the nom de plume S y l v i a K e t r i e (let’s not link the two names on the web, lest my opinions offend/scare some innocent reader) have produced a romance novel. Apparently, hanging out with fiction writers is catching. Who knew?

The title of said book is Tempted By Infamy and I am asking you all very nicely to buy it for the very reasonable sum of $2.99. Unless that isn’t your thing, in which case just ignore the request.

Here’s what it looks like on Amazon.

It is also available anywhere e-books are sold. I’m also happy to say that a paperback version will be released before Christmas.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s the first century in Trajan’s Rome, and reputations rise and fall like Empires.
Octavia, a Patrician widow, must find a man to satisfy her body’s needs or suffer the rages of hysteria, but no one has inspired her since her beloved husband passed away leaving both her bed and her heart empty.
Torr, a once-enslaved Gladiator, needs a patron to advance his hopes of becoming a citizen of Rome, and an appreciative woman of standing could just be his ticket to true freedom.
So, Octavia believes she’s using Torr, and Torr believes he’s using her, but in reality, they’re both being used--by Cupid

As you guys probably already guessed, I researched the hell out of the setting so it is as historically accurate as I could make it. I’m sure there are mistakes in there, but By Gum I did my level best.

Oh, and you can also follow “me” on Pinterest. I have a big ass board on Trajan’s Rome so you can see some of my inspiration/research. Also, the hero looks exactly like this:

Thor no shirt

If that doesn’t goad you into buying the book, I don’t know what will.


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