When You Don't Want the Other Moms to See Your Facebook


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Recently a few moms from my daughter's school sent me friend requests on Facebook. I like these women enough, but I really don't want them seeing what I say on a daily basis to my network of friends and family online. Sometimes I'm a little off-color, and I definitely have different political opinions than these moms. That said, they'll probably get upset if I don't accept their requests. What should I do?


I Don't Want To Be Facebook Friends

cat dressed as a chicken

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Dear I Don't Want to Be Facebook Friends,

Wasn't life before Facebook a lot easier? When you could just snub people in person? Now it's more complicated and you have to go through all kinds of technical trickery to let someone know that you like them, but you don't, like, like like them. Like, right?

I have a headache now.

Anyway, I totally get what you mean by not wanting to take your friendship with these women to another level because I sometimes put people in different "friend" categories, too. Like the woman I talk to at Spin class every morning. She's really fun and nice and has super strong thighs, but invite her to my house for dinner? Probably not. Or the guy who reads my blog and always sends me really nice emails. Should I email him back? Sure. But that's about as far as it'll go, because he's probably really a serial killer with a Gmail account.

What I'm saying is that it's okay to keep a little distance from these women if you don't feel like bringing them into your private Facebook world. You're certainly under no obligation to share that part of your life with them.

That said, what you could do is accept their friend requests, then designate them as "Acquaintances." Then when you post something, like a foul-mouthed political rant about The Right To Wear Latex In Public, set the Privacy to "Friends, Not Acquaintances" and they'll never even see it. Voila! The only thing they will see is the 2,000 pictures of your cat dressed as a chicken that you posted as "Public."

Good luck!

Wendi, TMH



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