Ice Cream...

It has been a long and emotionally trying week, so ice cream is it! The cure for most bad weeks, heck days even. I remember as a small child being told that I could have an ice cream after a shot at the doctor's office or after a filling at the dentist's office. I would even get an ice cream if I had fallen off of my bike and skinned my knee. Ahhhh-ice cream. The remedy for all the crap moments in life. :)

I have my "go to" favorites-just depends on how emotional I am at that very moment. If it's been one of those days where I wish I still drank, I head straight on over to, Dairy Queen, and ask for a medium Mud Pie Blizzard with extra extra cocoa fudge-yup, that's right. Hard core, I know. It usually makes me feel all wired the rest of the night, but it's sooo worth it. 

Each bite takes me back to my childhood and the safety of my grandparent's love... When we would go for ice cream together and laugh, and joke, and unwind. Once I was able to drive, my grandmother would say, "if you fly I buy", in which I would gladly go pick us up some ice cream. I still think of her each time I drive by a Dairy Queen and I smile. 



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