Ice Cream Birthday Bubbles: Non-Edible Classroom Treats

I'm in full birthday prep mode for Vaughn's birthday on Friday. Staying busy is an excellent way to not let those my baby is turning 5 thoughts creep into your head. Hmmm...changing the subject quickly, let's talk about classroom treats! 

Last year I opted to pass out bubbles in lieu of anything edible.  I didn't want to leave anyone out and there were lots of kiddos with diet restrictions and allergies in her classroom. The bubbles were a hit with everyone, teachers included (Hello, no mess!)so this year I'm doing the same. With a twist though. 


Get it? Twist?

 I found these ice cream shaped bubbles at Hobby Lobby and knew right then and there that these were the way to go. 


Here's a montage of everything that was involved. I printed the tags onto colored paper, cut them out with scalloped scissors, and punched a hole to allow for the string. The string went through the hole and I tied them onto the bubbles. Viola! Birthday Bubbles. 


 Here's a closer view of the tag.



Hope the kiddos like them again this year! 

I'll be back tomorrow with more birthday stuff!

Happy Wednesday! 



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