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Last night, after a day of focused and quite unusual inspiration--OK, one small hint... steel and diamonds--Rick and I scooped up our pal Karena, and drove up to Taos Ski Valley for an Ice Music Concert. I've shown you pictures of the ski valley in summer, when we go up hiking. We like to stop in at the Bavarian for beer and fries with mustard, and sit outside soaking up the view and the sun. We did the same thing last night, at least the beer and fries part. But as you might expect, the ski valley is filled with snow this time of year, so to enjoy the outdoor music, we had to bundle up in lots of layers, and dance rather than lounge.



Ice Music is truly that--music made on instruments that are made of ice. And they're not weird pretend instruments. They're things you've seen and heard before, like a cello, and guitar, drums, and a xylophone. There was also a big standup bass and violins, but no musicians to play them this time. I would have loved to hear the violins... might have to go up again... but we were not at all disappointed in what we got. The ice bodies of the instruments create a clear, beautiful sound that's somehow more "pure" than wood. And it was explained that the molecular structure of the ice actually changes as the concert goes on, because of the vibrations of the music, changing and fine tuning the sounds even more. The only non-ice instrument was a harmonica, which makes sense!




From what we saw on the website, we thought there would be an actual ice theater, but we learned that that's in the works. But the concert in only about an hour long, and it was fun to have a reason to stand outside on a cold, clear night, dancing, singing, looking up at the stars. We also imagined that we'd hear some sort of classical music, but it was actually more like "Woodstock On Ice," ending with an impromptu solo by "transgalactic electro-cellist", Michael Kott, that rang out across the mountain in a most eery and beautiful way. If you get the chance to see and hear Ice Music for yourself, I think you should! Visit the website for more (better) pictures, and tickets, and keep up with them on Facebook, so you'll know when the movie they're working on comes out. This music is so weirdly wonderful. Easy to fall in love with, and we did.





Life is a trail, not a camp...

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