Iced Tea, anyone?

Do you remember a while back when that email was circulating with the joke on it about how a man's bedtime routine differs from a woman's? He says he's going to bed, he brushes his teeth, gets into his PJ's, turns out the light and he's out. She says she's going to bed and then finds 100 things that still need doing before she turns in.

Such is my life.

All he asked for was a glass of iced tea. That's all. A two minute task at best, right?!

So I go to the kitchen where I, in fact, pour the damn tea. Only it's the last of the iced tea and we live off the stuff, so now I have to make more.

In order to make more tea, though, I have to wash the pot - because it's the only pot that's special enough to fit into our iced tea makin' machine.

In order to wash the pot, though, I have to load the dishwasher because the sink is full of dirty dishes.

In order to load the dishwasher, though, I have to unload the dishwasher 'cause it's full of the dishes I swear I just washed two seconds ago.

So I make the damn tea. Only I spill some sugar on the floor in the process and in order to clean it up I have to sweep the entire kitchen floor. You know, because it just won't look right with only two square inches of hairless, crumbless, dirtless, dustless floor!

When I go to dump the spilled sugar, hair, crumbs, dirt and dust into the trashcan I notice that the bag is full.....again. So now I have to take out the trash.

Naturally, now I have to put a new bag in the trashcan, but first I notice how nasty it was under the old bag so first I have to clean the can.

I mistakenly use a kitchen towel instead of a paper towel, which reminds me that I have laundry that I was in the middle of doing earlier in the day - you know, when I was in "laundry mode".

So I fold and sort the dry clothes and toss the wet ones into the dryer and get the new load all prepped and into the washer.

Now I'm back in the kitchen, which reminds me - have I eaten today? So I grab the trail mix and sit for like 10 seconds, which is where my dear sweet husband finds me only to ask:

Where have you been? It's been like an hour. All I asked for was a glass of iced tea!

Seriously people, THIS is why you see bedraggled women on the 6 o'clock news. Orange is a flattering color, right?

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