ICloud Cannot Locate my Mini Ipad and Apple Care's Security Sucks

I have read about the security flaws with Support Centers  that have led to widespread hacking where lost items were concerned.  The one most well drilled into my head is the saga documented at Wired Magazine involving the dissolution of the writer's digital life by hackers in less than an hour.  So when I received an email from Apple Care Support the other night, I thought someone was pretending to BE me and that Apple was inadvertently alerting me to this.

You see I lost my mini ipad a week ago. It mysteriously disappeared. I am not sure whether it was liberated from my bag in New York city or if I inadvertently left it in the building where I was.

The message read "We're very interested in getting your feedback regarding the last Advisor you spoke with, Janeice, on your recent call to Apple support. The case id number for this call was: 567535086."

Upon calling Apple I learned , since I'd not spoken to Janeice, that someone was  not impersonating me but in fact was trying to return my mini ipad.  All Apple could tell me was that I needed to get in touch with the "local authorities" to retrieve the ipad.  The problem was I did not know who  the  "local authorities "  were  since I live in New Jersey and I had been in NY at the time of the loss.

 I was guided to call the 10th precinct of New York Police Department who told me they did not have my mini ipad; and that IF they did, they would not know it belonged to me. Kind of makes sense since because if someone turned it in, they would not have known it belonged to me.

I circled back to Apple Care Support begging them to help me and was nicely rebuffed. Privacy concerns prevented them fromg going any further. Edward Snowden would have disagreed.  According to Apple the only person they could release information to would be the Police with a court order. I think this is what they said.

I tried the building where I was for that 1 hour and 45 minutes but they reported nothing was turned into lost and found.  After one week  of checking into  icloud.com/find my phone, I instructed the app to erase my computer's content. I did not realize this would not allow me to find the ipad. Of course if the ipad is offline, you cannot find it either.  And if you have a code to open  your computer, it will not activate until the next person attempts to reset this  code that my home telephone will pop up to alert them that this mini ipad is lost.

I like the idea of the findme  app. But in my case, it didn't work. And Apple as the mediator seems pointless.



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