Helena Guergis' Alleged Miscarriage: None of Our Business

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I think it's safe to say that Helena Guergis' political career is a mess. Between her and husband, former MP Rahim Jaffer, there's a dropped drunk driving charge, a very public meltdown, #bustyhookers and now allegations of influence peddling, consorting with alleged con-men, and cocaine use. And that's just part of what's been making the news. But what does all this have to with whether or not Guergis had a miscarriage? In my book, nothing. The press, however has another opinion.

Please believe me when I say that I've tried, in vain, to summarize the whole Guergis/Jaffer mess. I have admitted defeat and will point you toward this timeline in the Toronto Star. It only takes you up to the point where Guergis resigned as Minister of State for the Status of Women.

Little was released at the time of her resignation, aside from the allegations against her that were forwarded to the RCMP. It's since come out that a private investigator had made allegations that Guergis used cocaine and consorted with prostitutes, which she denies. Then there's the he said/she said between the Prime Minister and the Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson about whether or not she was told to open an investigation on Guergis.

It's a big mess, with everyone trying to dig up dirt on Guergis and Jaffer.

While I generally believe that politicians and their families give up a certain amount of privacy when they run for political office there is a line -- a line you don't cross. In their attempts to keep the story going, I believe that line has been crossed.

During my earlier attempts to summarize the Guergis/Jaffer political mess I found myself on Warren Kinsella's blog, reading his post "Enough is Enough." It was the first that I had heard there was a headline about Guergis having a miscarriage and I all but cheered at my computer when I read Kinsella's thoughts on the matter.

Enough, as they say, is enough. For starters, this “news” story – which even reputable news aggregators have headlined, and which I am only linking to in the hope that you will feel as I do – is a goddamned disgrace. It is disgusting. How, in God’s name, is this anyone’s business other the than the couple in question? How? Shame on the “journalists” who considered this newsworthy.

I was pleased to see the updates in Kinsella's post that point out that the original article that he linked to had been taken down. But the story was out there and it was picked up by a major Canadian newspaper.

It's none of our damned business whether or not Helena Guergis had a miscarriage, unless she decides it is our business. I don't care how good your source is. It's personal, end of story.

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