If I'd Had a Bowl of Cherries


Yes...I am married. Yes...I am lovin' it.

So you may wonder whether Mr. Married and Lovin' it and I ever have a less than perfect day (or you may not wonder at all...I've learned that we tend to think the world thinks about us much more than it actually does...in fact, it's usually too busy thinking about itself to care much about you).

But I'm going to share this anyway. Truth be known...I tend to be a 'glass half full' kind of girl. Even worse - I've been known to say "if my glass is half full that must mean refills are on the way".  WoooHoooo!! Life is a bowl of cherries ....with whip cream! YEAY!!!

That really annoys some people. I've been called The Queen of Denial....Little Miss Perpetual Sunshine and other fun phrases that basically just mean - her happy go lucky attitude is driving me NUTS!

So the other day my hubby and I were having coffee - like we do every...single...morning. I have trouble forming complete sentences without my morning cup o' java while my hubby, on the other hand, doesn't even have that scratchy morning voice. His brain is in full function mode the minute he wakes up. And, in fact, he says he does his best work in the morning.

This is where the Capricorn/Cancer difference is obvious.

We were having a conversation and I was attempting to share a thought or, worst case scenario, tell him what my crazy dream was....I don't remember. All I remember is he made some remark like "you're not making sense....get to the point".

Ahhhhhhh - if I'd had a bowl of cherries I might have tossed it across the room at him. But instead I got my half full cup of coffee and headed straight to the kitchen for a much needed refill. I opened a cabinet door and....THIS IS THE TRUTH....I accidentally slammed it shut because it got caught on the sleeve of my robe.

From the other room he said "I know you're mad". And for a minute - I WAS! But I got so tickled at the fact that I really had NOT slammed the cabinet door that I just started laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

I went back into the den and said 'you're not going to believe this but the slamming door was an accident'. He said "I'm sorry...sit down....finish your thought and let's start over".

In those few seconds I knew I had a choice....hold on to that anger or let it go. Really...was it worth ruining our entire day over? Was he a bit insensitive for saying "get to the point"? Yes...I think so. Did I have the right to argue my stance of "I'm just not a morning person like you"?

I think the important question is "Did I want to be right or happy?"

As simple as it sounds - the life I have is really up to me. So call me what you will but that morning I put my 'happy girl hat' on and had a great day....and the two of us had a fantastic night.


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