If it isn't in the mail now, you can still deliver it yourself - BC's HST referendum


Beauty BC, Eh

For those of you living outside of BC or under a rock in BC, today is the deadline when the referendum votes on the Harmonized Sales Tax must be in the designated offices of Elections BC. Please note, this is not the same as being postmarked August 5th but actually in the office REGARDLESS of when you put it in the mailbox. 

This is a good thing and a bad thing. You cannot tell the judge 'but I had it in the mailbox in time so it's the post office's fault" You can, however, find the nearest designated office and, hippity-hop, take it there yourself. There is an office in almost every community in the province so, unless you are in 'da bush', somewhere north of that place, BC, chances are there is an office within an hour or two.

Does it make a difference if you vote? Yes. Whichever side you fall on this divisive issue, if you don't vote, that means your side is down by 1. And all the people in your circle of influence probably won't vote because you agreed or said encouraged them not to vote. So you are working for the side you are morally, emotionally and intellectually opposed to...way to go.

Here is a link to the Elections BC site, ELECTIONS BC SITE LINK (click here) and list of where the offices are so take a look and, if you haven't completed your referendum ballot, saddle up and take it down the block, pilgrim...

This is history, be a part of it, eh...