If It's Broke. Fix it.

When does excusing minor quirks in a relationship carry over into the danger zone of rationalizing symptoms of a failing one?  Why are we so willing to excuse bad behavior for the sake of salvaging an already sinking ship? When a relationship is new and exciting, we tend to avoid the red flags and warning signs. Chalking them up finding your rhythm. Reality is, your rhythm will develop very quickly if all the pieces are there. You will know within the first two weeks if you're a priority, if you like him and if he returns the feelings. If any of that is missing, it simply can't be rationalized away. We excuse missed dates, sparse phone calls, short attention spans, and general lack of interest, as they're so busy. The truth is little sister; no man is too busy for a girl they like. It's that simple.

If he's into you, you will know it. Men will not risk losing a great girl with games. If he's not into you, he will make that very clear as well. They trick is to listen! You know what behaviors are not acceptable to you in a husband or just a boyfriend, so listen to your instincts and make the conscious effort not to over rationalize the situation. If you feel he's not showing you interest, then he's probably not. If you think you're not a priority, then you're probably not. Rationalizing that away with an excuse will only prolong the inevitable and make you miserable. I can guarantee you men will not do the same soul searching rationalization over things they don't like about you. If you're too high maintenance, they don't need to understand why - they just end it.

Men are actually great at this; if it's not working they move on. We on the other hand try desperately to hold it together. Learn what you can from each other, appreciate anything new you may have experienced and get the hell out there. Every relationship is not your last chance at love.

I tend to believe women hold on, because we're traumatized by the princess movies of our childhood. Forced to wait for our one true love, Mr. Prince Charming. In the real world, you're going to have 10-15 Prince Charming's. You don't need to hold onto to Mr. Right Now, because you're afraid you won't find Mr. Right. You will find him, just not when you're wasting your time with all the others.

Big Sis


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