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I don't know if you read my addendums to yesterday's post but short story long, the agencies and offices I contacted about my little friends either didn't get back to me, or expressed to me that it wasn't their job. APS has a very narrow definition of what "adults in need of protection" are and that definition does not include reference to homeless people camped out in a shack. Crying . I thought APS was supposed to go in and help adults in need of protection! I was naive.

 CPS didn't even get back to me and the police gave me shit for not calling them last night. The new guy in code enforcement asked me how I even got his number and I told him I have his office on speed dial and he might as well get used to hearing from me. I am the unmasked avenger! I am Property Values Girl! Defender of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Gentrification! I am the enemy of abandoned properties, attractive nuisances and vandalism targets. I am Helicopter Neighbor! I believe in Attachment Citizen-ing

Sigh. I didn't want to call the police. We just got this whole in-service - They in-serviced the entire city on when to and when not to call 911 and I took from the televised power point presentation, news stories and robo calls that if I was not directly witnessing a felony, found a body or in the process of bleeding to death, that I do not need to be bothering 911. Thanks to the in-service I have a very narrow definition of "emergency" and this did not meet the criteria.

I don't think trespassing is a felony, I didn't trip over a body or slip in any blood mine or otherwise so I didn't call. Don't tell me not to call 911 and then ask why didn't I call 911? When I called the non-emergency number with my non-emergency they transferred me to 911 and then 911 hectored me for not calling 911 last night. Don't call us about crap but do call us about crap. Whatever.

 Next time I'll mind my own business because there is no right answer.

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