If real questions COULD be asked...

BlogHer editor Grace Hwang Lynch asked "What should Candy Crowley ask at the Presidential Town Hall?" in a blog post tonight. Pardon the re-gifting, but here was my response:


I would like to hear each candidate define treason. Isn't intentionally inflicting injury on the country as a whole for the benefit of party politics or a select group of individuals an act of treason? 

I would like to hear each candidate discuss arrogance. How is dropping bombs on other humans ever a justified act? Why are we too special to look to other societies that get it right in terms of healthcare and childcare and then to adopt components of a working model? Why do we get to have nukes and then impose sanctions on other governments for wanting to level the awful playing field? Is our arrogant posture in the world-community making us look like bullies? 

I would like to hear each candidate discuss the myth of the American "Ideal." Can any member of the press have access to any serving in elected offices? Can third-party candidates get a fair deal in the election process? Are bailouts in line with a free enterprise economy or do taxpayers consistently pick up the check for big spenders in bad businesses? Are licenses and taxes and all manner of red-tape strangling individuals and thwarting entrepreneurship so much so that we are not "free" in any sense of the word. 

I would like to hear each candidate explain why sick people addicted to their medicine are sent to jail and prisons instead of to hospitals while those who prey and profit from the generational suffering of suffering rarely serve time.

I would like to hear each candidate explain why I am broke so my kids will have to go without new shoes a while longer but trimming a budget of trillions is simply not in the skill-set of those in elected office. 

I would like each candidate to consider that the first step in any recovery is admitting a problem instead of continuing on a path of destruction in a state of denial.

The American Ideal was a really good one. I wonder if the framers of the Constitution and dreamers of that Ideal would have a hard time spotting treason if they dropped in for a visit today. I doubt it.  

I also doubt I will hear anything like meaningful dialog in this debate--but I would love so to be wrong about that.


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