If Sarah Palin Were a Man, There's No Way She Would be the VEEP Pick!

It's the irony of ironies.

The Democrats couldn't bring themselves to nominate a woman with 35 years' experience fighting for women, children, the environment, health care, and veterans. Now the Republicans nominate a woman with about as much experience governing as my dog and a track record that is decidedly anti-environment, anti-choice, and anti-progressive but pro guns.

I'm going to take five seconds to lick my wounds.

Now that that's over, I just have one message to my sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends:

Women, wake up! This election isn't about our gender, and we were wrong to think it ever was. Furthermore, if we let the Republicans make it about gender between now and November 4, we risk having another four or possibly eight years of an Administration that will prolong the war in Iraq. We'll watch our chances to protect our environment slide away in the rush to drill more oil wells, burn more coal, and build more nuclear power plants.  As for women's rights? Who's likely to be the bigger champion? Joe Biden, who passed the strongest legislation ever to protect women against violent crimes? Or Sarah Palin, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association?

There could be nothing more shortsighted than to vote for John McCain simply because he played
"the gender card." We're in a fight for our lives, the lives our our children, and the future of our country.

Forget about the women. Focus on the men.


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