If they're dealing with the infertility: Just let them be

Waiting for a result on a pregnancy test for most women seems like the longest 5 minutes of their lives.  You spend the wait time wondering if you really ready for a baby.  Well what if you are, and that moment never comes.

Infertility for many women is a horrible reality they must face.  Imagine you want nothing more than for your test to be positive, but it is negative month after month.  Around you are happy couples announcing they are expecting.  You are truly happy for them but it is getting harder and harder to mask your frustration with your own situation. Finally, you go see a fertility specialist and they confirm your worst fear. You have been classified as infertile.

While infertility may not be as devastating as finding out you are dying, for some women it feels that way. In many cases, struggling with infertility isn't even the worst part.  The worst part is dealing with all the questions from friends and family.  Especially those who are insensitive to what they are going through. 

If you find that a friend or loved one is struggling with infertility just offer them your prayers as they try to cope.  Don't ask why? What's wrong or anything else that might cause more anxiety.  It is not necessary to inquire about the progress or procedures the couple may be going through. And there is no need to ask if they are pregnant yet.  When or if that moment should come, the couple will be so happy they will be shouting it from the roof tops. 

Friends and family even though you mean well, your every inquiry causes emotional distress.  Be kind. Let the couple deal with things in their own way. If they come to you for support, be there. 


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