If we're all writing, then who's reading?

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I recently read Janna's post, "Are Bloggers Hypocrites When the Comments Start Pouring In?"

In a nutshell, she basically covered how, as her blog grows, she has less time to answer comments and read other blogs.

Since then, I've been thinking: "If we're all writing, then who is reading?"

Let's face it, everyone and her grandma has a blog these days, so it's hard to make the rounds. But, if we're not taking the time to read and support other bloggers, then how will we get support?

Trust me, I'm just as guilty as Janna and the other's who commented on the article. I'm finding less and less time to read other blogs and leave comments. To combat this, I've started subscribing to the blogs, writers and/or topics of interest me. They arrive in my inbox and are there if I have time. If I don't, then no guilt. There will be more tomorrow.

One thing that's really helped me is that I actually put "Social Network" on my schedule a few times a week. As I said to Janna, I have found this completely liberating and guilt-freeing.

It's on my calendar, so I'm "allowed" to do it. And I'm enjoying every moment.

How do you follow other bloggers with your busy schedule?


Jacqueline Wilson (aka: WritRams) is a writer, blogger, educator, mother and wife. You can find her on her Writer Ramblings blog at www.WritRams.com writing about a little of everything...maybe even you.

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