If You Control The Food Supply, You Control The World

 I have blogged about the documentary called "Food Inc." you may purchase it on Amazon for around $10.  Please buy it and share the information with your friends.  It is shocking information and I could not believe what I was hearing.  It also goes hand in hand with the book "Seeds Of Deception".  Now I am asking you to watch another documentary called "The World According To Monsanto".    Monsanto on a global level, Purdue and Tyson in the US are well on their way to controlling our food supplies.  They dictate how our food is grown as well as keeping us in the dark about how they are producing this so called food.  Monsanto started and the others follow suite, however the real stand out to start this process is Monsanto.  Purdue and Tyson have now learned from the expert in the field of mass production and control.  The farmers around the world are under the control by these companies.  Farmers are threatened and their life does not reflect i n any way how their parents and their parents parents farmed.  It is shocking what Monsanto is getting away with and what they have done and are doing.  They have their own employees and Attorney's installed in the US government to assist in their domination of the worlds food supply.  They went from the pharmaceutical industry to taking over seed companies from all around the world.  It will not be long before there will not be any more heirloom seeds available, all food will have been genetically altered.  Genetically modified organism (GMO) foods are every you turn now.  There is currently no labeling laws in place to notify people that the food they are consuming are GM foods.  Wal-Mart did step up and stop buying milk that had bovine growth hormones in it, rBGH was also introduced to farmers by the one and only Monsanto.   We all have the right to what is going on and what we are actually eating and what it is doing to us as well as the control Monsanto has over nearly ever country around the world.  We all know people that are struggling with cancer, blood disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other issues, it is so very important to watch this documentary.




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Shelia Harris

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