If You Give a Little Love.

This week I saw this video (below) floating around in my Facebook newsfeed. I rarely watch/click on things people share because one thing leads to another and your time is just consumed into a big dark black hole after that first click and although it can be fun to see where the rabbit whole leads. . .. well .. . there just isn't time. But the title to this video caught my attention and the date it was posted was marked as my birthday so .. I mean come on .. it had to be good right? And it was.



It reminded me of a paragraph I had written for English class a couple of years ago and I hope you won't mind me recycling a former piece written for English class. .. it's light and simple and ok .. maybe a bit cheesy, but in the words of someone that I can't remember, "we all need a little cheesy from time to time.." (or was it cheese? whatever.. .I adapt things...) I hope you enjoy... (:


P.S. It might contain a couple of made up words .. I really don't know how that affected my grade, but I can only guess.. since you (hopefully) won't be reading this with a red pen in hand, just please humor my crazy dictionary. ..



''Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.'' - Galatians 6:7

When the apostle Paul penned the words, '' Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,'' he was telling us a great truth. Although it could be applied to bigger and more serious things and life-threatening decisions such as: committing a crime and serving time, making poor lifestyle choices and provoking diseases, denying God and not partaking of the blessings He can offer, but it may also be directed to the more inconspicuous things in life, for example, a smile. Someone once said that kind deeds are like water rings formed after a pebble is thrown on a lake, the water ripples and the rings get larger and larger causing more and more ripples reaching broader diameters. So it is with a smile. Let's follow a smile as it makes its way around for a day, shall we?

 Walking down the street on her way to school on a rainy day, Sally smiles at a woman waiting at the bus stop. The woman, surprised, doesn't smile back. She had had a tough time getting up that morning and had burnt her tongue on her tea, but as she arrives at work, she realizes her mood has been changed by that girl's smile, so she in turn smiles at a co-worker. His morning has been paperful, but he dutifully smiles back. Little does he know that because of this woman's smile his morning has become brighter. He whistles on his way to lunch and smiles at the frenzied waitress. She is new at this café and has given the wrong change twice this morning, but because someone took the time to smile, she felt reminded that things would be OK. Hopeful again she smiles at a client. 

 The client, a mother of twins, relaxes enough to smile at the twins as she hands her children their lunch. The twins enter daycare flash a smile at their caretaker, brightening her bustling afternoon. This caretaker gets home with a child's smile in her heart and smiles at her neighbor. Her neighbor has just gotten home from a long day at the office and has stepped in a puddle. He is tempted to look at the unfortunate step in a different light and chuckles. Entering his home he smiles at his wife. His wife has had a full day, but she smiles back and carries the feeling into the next morning where she smiles at her daughter.

 Her daughter happens to be Sally. Sally has just taken a look at her report card and although she has tried her best, her grades have not improved and she feels pretty low, but because smiling is contagious and one smile makes the next easer, she smiles back. Her spirits being lifted she has a good night's rest and the following morning at the bus stop, she again smiles at a lady at the bus stop. So the cycle repeats itself, affecting more and more people each day.

 No, Sally didn't sow much. But she reaped something she needed– a smile. Sometimes we sow things, and we reap the results right away, and sometimes we reap them later on in life, or someday in Heaven we will reap the aftermath of our actions. But do sow acts of kindness! Because "what goes around, comes around." So why not let good come around to you today?




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