If You Have To Hide It, Then You Know It's Wrong...Right?

Im pretty sure that some people say that if you have to hide something, then you know it isnt right.. But when it comes down to the person that you love, you never want to think that something is being hidden from you.

People ask me why i am always writing about stuff like this, but really it is because i have no one to talk to about any of this and i really like to vent and talk about it. Yeah some may say that makes me a coward, but i dont care anymore. This is what makes me feel better, makes me feel like i am actually getting everything out on the table. Feel free to give me advice, because really thats all im looking for.

Really, i am not sure what to do, i do everything and get so little back. I love him more than anything in this entire world. Were having a baby together, he has moments where he is amazing and everything i could ask for, and then there are times where i am not even sure who he is. Yeah there are times that i blame it on myself because i do so much just to get a little bit of effection from him. But can you blame me. i am 9 months pregnant and really would just like to be told that i am beautiful, that he loves me, how happy he is.. But really he just isnt an affectionate person. Everyone need affection every one in a while dont you think?

I say if he were to ask me to marry him tomorrow i probably would, but he doesnt ever seem like that is something that he wants. He jokes about waiting 20 years or so, hell we have already been together 4 years. he just says "Why put a title on it"?

im stuck between a rock and a hard place and not really sure what to do..


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