If You Like It, Check If There Is A Ring On It

A friend of mine has noticed a cute guy in her office and she was asking for advice on how to strike up a conversation with him. I stopped her right away, saying “First things first. Have you checked for a ring?” I was surprised when this came out of my mouth. I sounded more like Charlotte York and less like the girl, who when a friend tells her about a new crush, asks if he is friendly and how are his teeth.

I guess this new ring checking habit is part of being in my late 20s (EEEK I can’t believe I’m in my late 20s). Let’s face facts. By your late 20s lots of people are married. And if you are single, these people are off limits. For that reason, wedding rings are very helpful. To the married couple they are a sign of love and commitment, but for the rest of us they might as well be a mini stop sign conveniently found on the left hand.

Now let me be clear, I’m very much in love (so in love it is a little gross, but I won’t get into that now). I’m not checking for rings for myself. But when I meet a friendly person with nice teeth, man or woman, I think about if I could set them up with one of my friends. I’ve never actually set anyone up (damn, I should have added that to my list of 101 Things) but I like the idea of it. “Hi, single friend who is friendly with nice teeth. I would like you to meet my other single friend who is friendly with nice teeth”. And then they would kiss and get married and name their first child after me.

So, are you a Ring Checker?