If you plan on letting your 3-year-old stay up and watch horror movies this Halloween, at LEAST put one of these on their nights


My kid's afraid of the dark. Okay, well... so am I, but this isn't really about me: or IS IT?

Though I have a feeling her fears are a wee bit different than mine, the message is all the same. While she worries that the boogieman is going to leap out of her closet in the middle of the night, I'm more concerned with that giant cockroach my husband never managed to find this morning; both legitimate concerns, but mine is way more realistic!

Meet Candeloo, a dimly lit, kid-friendly, rechargeable creature that keeps your kids out of the dark (in style) when the lights go out. Though I will admit, the battery life on these cute little guys is a tad disappointing, the design and quality is uniquely stupendous. The price-tag dances around the $60 mark, but if you're thinking about grabbing one, keep your eyes peeled for a good deal, as you don't want to be the only one sitting in the dark when Jason comes-a-knockin'.



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