If you try and don’t succeed, try, try again….or just give up!

My husband, Marc, was standing by the sink in the bathroom, shaving, and I was in the shower.  When I came out, I was dripping blood. Everywhere!  He asked if I cut myself shaving.  “Not exactly,” was my reply, as I opened the vanity and proceeded to bandage my finger. 

“How did you manage that one?” he asked.

“Well, my razor was wedged between the soaps, and when I reached for the soap, I kind of sliced my finger.”

“Um… Good one.  I don’t know why you insist on keeping your razor there.  I keep moving it away, and you keep putting it back.  I am surprised you haven’t done this before.” He replied as he walked into the shower.

 Wow! I knew that Marc was always moving my razor, but I never gave it much thought as to why.  I just thought it was in his way or something.  Sometimes I can be pretty oblivious to safety.  Ok, most of the time.

 I really sliced myself good.  By nighttime, my finger was still on and off bleeding, and hurting.  I pointed this fact out to Marc.  With tremendous seriousness he turned to me and asked me if I could please slow down, and think before I act, so I don’t kill myself one day.  He asked me if I ever even stopped to realize why he kept moving the razor. He also asked how I never even thought that a razor, laying blade side up, wedged between soap couldn’t pose any danger…… I promised to slow down, and make sure that I didn’t just throw the razor haphazardly around the shower.

That was two weeks ago yesterday.

This is how the last two weeks have gone:

1st Monday – I’m wearing a band-aid and my finger is hurting.  I carefully place my razor away from the soap.

1st Tuesday – I’m wearing a band-aid but my finger is no longer hurting.  I place my razor away from the soap.

1st Wednesday - I’m no longer wearing a band-aid.  My finger is fully healed.   I toss my razor away from the soap.

1st Thursday – I don’t even remember hurting my finger, until I chuck my razor between the soap.  Then I realize I shouldn’t be keeping it there, and move it.

1st Friday – “Oops!  I did it again!” I say to myself as I move the razor away from the soap.

1st Saturday – Not again!  But, yes, again, I have to move the razor away from the soap as I head out of the shower.

1St Sunday – As I head into the shower, I consciously think that I will not just toss my razor around when I am done.  They say it is the thought that counts, right? 

2nd Monday – It is a new week. I will be off to a new start!  I will get this right. NOT! Fail!

2nd Tuesday – I was out of the shower already when I realized my razor was wedged between the soap.  I quickly scooted back in to move it.

2nd Wednesday – I got it right!  Yeah me! Success!

2nd Thursday – Well, yesterday was a fluke…..

2nd Friday – Damn it! I Why is something so simple so difficult?

2nd Saturday - Damn it! I did it again.  Why can’t I get this right?

2nd Sunday – Damn it! What is wrong with me?

Today is the third Monday.  It is the start of a new week.  I will be off to a new start. This isn’t a difficult concept.  I can do this.  I know I can.  I can get this right!  Right?  Well, maybe……

Wish me luck!


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