If You Want It, Ask For It!

Written By Lissa Rankin


Really. Just ask. Ask for what you need. You’ll never believe this … or maybe you will. Yesterday, I was inspired to post about money because, frankly, we need it right now. After taking a leap of faith and quitting my fancy six-figure doctor job salary three years ago, we’ve been putting sweat equity into our lives- lots of sweat, little short term return (with big long term dreams). But right now, we need to pay the rent. So Owning Pink's editor-in-chief Joy and I were doing what we do often- pondering what we need and practicing saying it out loud, witnessed by each other and the Universe.


Ask For What You Need- Say It Out Loud to Someone You Trust

I said, “I need help paying the bills so I can allow Owning Pink to grow.” Then I wrote a post about Owning Abundance, releasing our financial fears, and trusting in the Universe. Joy edited the post, drafted it on the site, and I went in- with a smidgen of hesitation at putting it all out there so openly- and clicked “Publish post.”


Signs From the Universe

Two minutes later, I went on Twitter to tweet the link. And I found a barrage of tweets saying “Check this out @lissarankin! Forbes listed you on the 20 Inspiring Women to Follow on Twitter!” Uh…gulp. I mean, seriously. I had just published my first ever Owning Pink post about money and uh….Forbes? Seriously? I tiptoed around the house looking for lightning rods, Red Seas, and burning bushes.


Ten minutes later, I walked outside and discovered a ginormous rainbow, cascading from one West Marin mountainside to another. A brilliant, sparkly, vibrant bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple rainbow. And what lies at the end of a rainbow? You guessed it…the pot of gold. Okay, God. Deep bow. I’m listening.


The Purple Kangaroo

A few months back, Joy and I were talking about this very thing, when Joy piped up, “Damn, girl. You’re this close to just being able to ask for what you need and have it appear right in front of you. Just do it. Say ‘Purple Kangaroo.’” I giggled, and said, “Purple kangaroo.” And then a deer appeared right at my window, staring in at me with big doe eyes. Joy said, “But it’s wearing a purple hat, right? Eating purple flowers?”


Okay, so the purple kangaroo didn’t show up right away. But for Christmas, Joy gave me- you guessed it- a plush purple kangaroo. So I told Dana the story, and last month, Dana was meditating and frustrated, so her guides took her to a magic place and told her to ask for anything. She came up with the purple kangaroo (to her surprise). She set an intention to draw to her the purple kangaroo. A week later, in a business meeting having nothing to do with Owning Pink, a friend gave her a toilet calendar and in it was a purple kangaroo on the month of September.


Sebastian Murphy, the Owning Pink Mascot

This little purple kangaroo we’ve now named Sebastian Murphy is a sign and a symbol that we can achieve ANYTHING with Owning Pink. Anything we can imagine we can bring into being on this earth. Our magical eyes, our belief that the angels are here to help us achieve our highest good and the highest good for the whole planet through Owning Pink is absolutely one hundred percent TRUE. It’s already here, living in everyone’s heart on the earth. We just have to BE the beings to SEE it and to help others SEE it so they can FEEL it so they will BELIEVE it. And once they believe it, they will BE it, too.  Our purple kangaroo is tangible proof that WE can bring this reality to the earth plane and plant a little pink spark in everyone we SEE.


We Don’t Need to be Superheroes

Don’t you get it? We don’t need to carry the burden of our lives.  We don’t need to plan and scheme and plod through life, carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. We need not worry, feel anxious, fret, or otherwise stress out about the challenges in our lives. We don’t need to save the world- or even ourselves. We can take off our red capes and spandex jumpsuits. We don’t have to be superheroes. We can just be ourselves and surrender everything to a greater Superpower. The magic ticket to peace? Letting it all go. Saying it out loud. Turning it over to the Universe. And then trusting the flow of whatever happens next.


It’s Not Just Me

I can hear you all grumbling. It’s just you, Lissa. I ask for what I need and I never get Signs. I surrender to the Universe but the Universe doesn’t listen. I take leaps of faith) but I fall flat on my face. You’re special, Lissa. You’ve been chosen. These things don’t happen to regular folks.

I hear you. I SEE you. I understand. And, with all due respect, I lovingly say, “Bullshit!” Trust me. It’s not just me. YOU are special. It DOES happen every day. You DO get Signs. Miracles happen when you see the world with Magical Eyes. It’s so much easier than you think. It’s not something you do. It’s something you UNdo.  It’s something you BE. And it’s available to every single one of you.


Trusting the Universe

I promise I won’t get all fundy on you here. I’m not going to jump on my podium, start singing Hail Marys, or threaten the end of days.  But I’m not shy about saying that I believe a Higher Power is at work in my life- and in yours. Wherever you’re at on your spiritual journey, I honor you and I respect your beliefs. But I can’t just sit back and act like these things are coincidences. When you see miracles happen, you just can’t help it. You want to shout it from the rooftops and make sure everyone knows WE ARE NOT ALONE. There is purpose in the Universe.  It is yours for the owning. And all you need to do is surrender to it.


What’s your purpose? Do you see the signs? Have you had magical experiences with the Universe? Tell us your miracles….


Dr. Lissa Rankin is an OB/GYN physician, an author, a nationally-represented professional artist, and the founder of Owning Pink, an online community committed to building authentic community and empowering women to get- and keep- their "mojo". Owning Pink is all about owning all the facets of what makes you whole- your health, your sexuality, your spirituality, your creativity, your career, your relationships, the planet, and YOU. Dr. Rankin is currently redefining women’s health at the Owning Pink Center, her practice in Mill Valley, California. She is the author of the forthcoming What's Up Down There? Questions You'd Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend (St. Martin's Press, September 2010).


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