Ignorance and Circumcision


(First off, this is PURELY opinion, so those who are light-hearted on the subject, please look away or post a comment, either way is totally fine.)

So with the recent study from the AAP 2012 on circumcision, I wanted to hear from women out there what they believed, whether or not they circumcised their son/s and the why's and why nots. I went on a Facebook Mommy group that I am in, (name will not be enclosed, nor of the moms that commented) and ask the simple question, "Did you or will you circumcise your son/s?"


Now mind you these are only 5 from the 30+ comments I had on the mommy group page. And so far everything that I have heard leads down to a couple of main reasons, which surprisingly has none to do with religion (one the the main reason's in the world for circumcision).

As far as I can tell, most moms make the decision on a cultural basis. What their mothers tell them, if their partners have or haven't been circumcised. But another thing I notice is the whole hygiene factor. It is in fact so unclean to be uncircumcised? That's the MAIN question I sought out to find when I was making the decision whether or not the circumcise my son. 

Here is a recent excerpt I wanted to share, and wish I could share to every mom I know that is making this life-long decision. (From www.dr.momma.org)

"The fact that the medical community is performing amputative surgery on a baby with no deformity or disease seems important (and wrong). The fact that the American government enacted federal legislation to protect girls from genital cutting but doesn’t protect boys seems important (and wrong). 

It’s easy to counter the myths when you believe the foreskin has some importance. All of a sudden hygiene is easy to explain with a shower and “retract, rinse, replace” is easily understood.

All of a sudden infection is easily explained by the fact that girls get genital infections and we medicate them, we do not amputate their genitals. We can do the same for men. (Also, if penile infections were really such an issue, we’d have a section in the drug store for penile infection creams. We certainly have a female genital infection medication section – full of creams and products to “freshen” our nether regions. Ever wondered why we don’t have these products for men? Perhaps these infected penises are truly a myth!)

All of a sudden it’s not just a little snip. It’s the elimination of what will ultimately become 50% or more of the penile skin. It is the destruction of an exquisite system designed to protect the glans in babyhood from the diaper environment, and from abrasion with clothing for the rest of life. 

None of these facts sway people until they first establish a value for the foreskin. Until they understand and believe a value in it, circumcision will always be a valid 'parental choice' to protect a baby from disease and to conform to society (in America)."

I SURE don't have all the answers, but I do know one thing. The AAP works in favor for those in the medical profession. And you can bet that of course there are doctors out there that even PUSH parents into making decisions such as circumcision onto their sons stating it is cleaner, and that HIV is contracted easier if they have foreskin, and that if not cleaned well, it can even get to the point that they get a UTI. 

What I am hearing is, we don't want to take the time to teach our son how to clean themselves properly. As nature intended, we are born with parts that HAVE reasons for them. Unless it's life threatening, WHY mess with it at birth?

Why not teach our sons to use protection while having sex so in the future that do not contract an HIV. Or how about letting them make the decision to alter their bodies when they want to, IF they want to, when they become adults and start to be sexually active.

Let our sons stay intact, they will thank you for it.  


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