Ilana Westerman

CEO of Create with Context, Inc.

Ilana Westerman is CEO of Create with Context, Inc., a leading digital strategy consulting firm. She champions the role of people plus context behind the design of innovative technology solutions, ensuring that digital products and services align with human needs, goals, and desires.

Ilana began working on digital innovation in the mid-1990s, including on the award-winning IBM Nagano Olympics web presence. As an early member of Yahoo!, she helped build the Yahoo! User Experience team, leading R&D teams for key properties. She currently serves as CEO at Create with Context, where her leadership has brought significant growth since its 2005 inception, with clients ranging from global brands such as Accenture, BarclayCard, Intuit, Panasonic, Visa, and Yahoo!, to emerging technology providers including Windspire Energy, Ingenuity, and NextWindow.