The Illusive Present Perfect

I am eating a toast with peanut butter and marmalade on it.
Now THAT is a just not the great start to the profound and meaningful blog that I have been so looking forward to write; 'goes to prove that past thoughts for the future seldom become the present!
The idea is that we should live in the present, be perfectly content and look for perfection in the moment that is the present. I In that scenario then how do the concepts of past or future fit in? Unless of course we take birth and die within that one moment! So the present is a moment with neither a past nor a future, but is a long time in the making and in recovering from.
At the present moment I am eating the second last bite of my toast and loving it. It’s perfect!
I like to keep my upper lip stiff. In the quiet of my own being it may wobble a bit, but in public I express each stirring of emotion with an explosion of intense clinical hyperactivity. It is hardly ever in proportion to the occasion, mostly absolutely over the top, but it has its uses. It tides me over. And it keeps the aforementioned lip - stiff. Within the sight of others, I'll scream and shout, but nary a tear. Except when I am reading a book or watching a film. Then I go for broke.

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