I'm a bad mommy because....

  • I don't rush to scoop them up the second they cry.
  • I don't put our family in debt to buy them organic fruits and veggies
  • I tell them 'No'
  • They've never slept in my husband and my bed
  • I don't carry them around
  • I know where my priorities lie- I grew up dirt poor with an abusive mother in the ghetto so getting worked up about things like red ink being bad to mark a child's homework is ridiculous.
  • I swat their tushies. I believe if you've been abused you understand the difference between a spank and abusive behavior.
  • I make them try new things, even if they're nervous or scared
  • I can't help laughing when they get shots
  • I don't stop and listen to everything they have to say. Because, really, how many times a day can I stop to listen to my 3 year old tell me he "got the cheese!" or that he has juice. That's great sweety....
  • When I get frustrated at having to repeat myself every 2 seconds I take time for myself and hide from them to take a breather
  • 8:00 (ie bed time) cannot come soon enough


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