I'm { blank } because

idea from Ashley @ Little Miss Momma

I am weird because:

  • I use crayons to separate my toes when I paint them
  • I love eating cold pizza
  • When I'm stressed out I clean to help clear my mind
  • I hate the sound high heels make when you walk in them


I am a bad friend because:

  • Sometimes I drop the ball on plans
  • I am really forgetful when it comes to remember things
  • I don't remember birthdays
  • I send presents months past due


I am a good friend because:

  • I'm am super loyal
  • I will always tell you the truth
  • Good friends become family to me
  • I can make some mean cookies

my boys

I am sad because:

  • I miss our family for the holidays
  • Our family dog is getting older
  • I miss our friends in Texas
  • My babies are growing up too quickly

my boysI am happy because:

  • I am living in England
  • I have a husband that is so very good to me
  • I have two happy, healthy boys
  • We have a warm home that's filled with lots of love


I am excited for:

  • Thanksgiving dinner being prepared be ME
  • Our Christmas Eve tradition of visiting a castle!
  • Watching the boys open Christmas presents
  • Seeing what 2012 will be bringing my way

warwick castle

What would you put in your "I'm {blank} because?"


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