I'm Bored

I'm bored.

I heard it in the back of my mind for the first time in close to 13 years right in the middle of Zumba class one day.

I'm bored.

Now, you have to realize that I am a person who has been living my passion, pursuing my dream and having a great time doing it for the last decade.  I have been a fitness professional teaching classes, writing about fitness, giving motivational speeches about fitness and mentoring new instructors and have loved every minute of it, but now it seems.....

I'm bored.

What happened?  Teaching has always been my go-to thing - my stress reliever, my place where I felt completely in the moment and in my element, so what changed, and why now?  Maybe it's the unpredictability of being a small business owner - some months are feast, some are famine.  Maybe it's because I'm not excited by anything new on the fitness horizon.  But the real reason I think I am bored is that my brain needs more to do.

See, before I was in fitness full time, I had some pretty serious, stressful but very fulfilling jobs.  I was the Development Director for the National Audubon Society, where I was called upon to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for our birds and wildlife.  I was the Membership Director for four state museums and five state monuments, in charge of planning events, meetings, writing letters and newsletters and pleasing close to 7,000 members.  I was a woman with a million things on my plate - and I STILL found time to teach on the side (mostly to keep a degree of sanity in my life).

Do I really want to go back to that?  Do I really want the stress, the deadlines, the late nights, the early mornings - not to mention the huge wardrobe shift - associated with going back to nonprofit work?

Strangely enough, the answer is yes  - I feel like it's time to make a bigger footprint and prove that there is more to me than 8 counts of choreography and knowing all the muscles of the human body.  Call me crazy, but I am feeling a real urge to LEAN IN for a bigger career and better things (thanks, Sheryl Sandburg!).  I owe it to myself to try, and I think my daughters will benefit from seeing their Mom in a new light.

Where is this shift going to take me?  I'm not sure, but I feel like something very big is waiting for me, and it's coming soon.  I hope you'll join me for this journey - it should be pretty interesting!


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