I'm Engaged!

This is a guest post from my great friend, my sister from another mother, this is her first blog and I convinced her that its really fun and she'd have a place to store all her memories.She's obviously Kenyan, that's how she's my cousin, but now she lives in the great state of Tennessee. She got engaged a couple of months ago and she has a lot to share. So here it is from the very beginning.I'm so convincing her to start her own blog!



It actually happened. I’m still in shock, and my cheeks hurt from smiling too much! Here’s the deetz….

G called me and asked him to meet him over at the Church so I could drive him home. Apparently he didn’t fill up his tank and he didn’t think he had enough to make it. I got there and no one was around, which is normal for a Monday when most of the pastoral team has the day off and its mostly just maintenance.

I heard a band start up in the Chapel, and it was weird because there isn’t supposed to be any practice on a Monday, so I asked one of the staffers, Jeff, if he knew what was up and he didn’t.


I opened the door and peeked in and saw a bunch of camera people filming G and the team up on stage singing, “So in Love with You” So I thought that was the surprise that he got to make this music video.


Suddenly, he looks at me and mouths, “look up” and I look at the screen where the lyrics are rolling, and suddenly it reads, “Marry Me?” and he walks down to me, while I’m crying and freaking out, and just when the chorus plays, “I’m so in love with you, you captured my heart…”


He knelt down and pulled out a ring, and my knees just buckled, and I knelt down with him. He put the ring on my finger and I kissed him. He knew that was definitely a yes, because, it was our first actual kiss which we’d planned to share after he put a ring on my finger.


All our friends were in the chapel, laughing and taking photos, and I was so embarrassed for having cried so much, but also really giddy and shy. It was just an awesome moment, that he proposed with that song that meant so much to us (first worship song I ever heard him sing) and at a place that meant so much to both of us, and with our friends and his family there. Oh, and the first kiss was totally worth the wait. My first (and last) first kiss on American soil was perfect.


I’m engaged!


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