I'm getting older...and "crazier"...


Today is my Birthday, yay!!!  But, now at the age of 35 (*Gasp) I've realized that I'm not only getting older...but, as it turns out, a bit crazier too.  (Which also means in many cases more and more like my mother!)

Some proof...

I walk around with my glasses on top of my head rather than on my face, and then wonder wear they are.

I forget my glasses and then can't see when I am walking around the store, so, instead, I wear my sunglasses.

"I can't find nothing on the radio" "It's that same sing song and the DJ sucks" so...I keep the classical music stations on the radio most of the time.

Being out of the house after 9pm seems late to me.

I find myself saying "How many times do I have to tell you..."

Oh there are more, I'm sure, I'm just "too old" to remember them.

But, of course, I jest.  I don't feel older (yet).  It's a good day.

I made myself a little Birthday decoration again IMG_300

I got a sweet Birthday card... IMG_300

It snowed last night and Violet spied these this morning in front of our house... IMG_300

And, I'm jumping on the Ravens bandwagon today (for my husband)... IMG_300

And, in honor of them and me...I've been promised a purple velvet cake...YUM!

Here's to a great day for me and for you!


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