I'm Going to Be CRAZY Busy

Going to be Crazy Busy

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Okay, I've been complaining about not getting enough work. I've bitched and moaned that I need more income. I've whined and cried that I'm waiting on my big break...Welp! I'm done waiting. Enough is frikkin enough!

I have a plan that is going to keep me insanely busy through the end of the year and if all goes according to plan I will have accomplished the following:

- Released 4 eBooks by December 31, 2014
- Organized my apartment from top to bottom ...including having sold all stuff I don't need and/or tossed the junk
- I will have posts on my most important blogs to last through the end of the year
- I will be preparing to head to Thailand and Europe in 2015

I have all these dreams and goals and prayers and hopes and I'm really sick of waiting on my big break or the perfect gig to make these things happen for me. So, I'm going to take back my life and do something about it. I'm tired of talking and I'm beyond ready for action.

Yes, I've said all this before. Why is this time different? First, my backup plan fizzled and blew up in my face. Second, a job interview I had that was supposed to save the day failed miserably today. Third, I am finally ready to make THE Shift (yep- that's for you Tory Johnson) Fourth, I am sick of being the girl that talks about it and never does anything about it. Finally- I WANT TO PROVE TO MYSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT I CAN MAKE IT AS A WRITER & PHOTOGRAPHER DAMMIT!!!!

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