I'm Good Enough!!!

Have you ever had the feeling that you just weren't good enough?  Even after elementary when you were one of the few left to be chosen for kickball. And even after the cutest boy didn't like you in high school and you weren't friends with the most popular girls. I mean now, now that you are a little older and little wiser, does it still bother you how things went down when you were younger?  Why do we spend so much time measuring ourselves against others?  Looking at their valuables with an eagles eye, doing all we can mentally to downsize their accomplishments.  We take it so far that even when there seems to be a level playing field we somehow look for a difference. For example, you both went to college, so then you compare their school to yours. Or you want to be the one in the room with the longest lasting marriage, with the kids that are accomplishing the most, you want to be the one with the smallest waistline or the sexiest shoulders.  My question is when does it all stop? Even if no one hears your insecurities out loud your brain is overloaded with are you good enough questions.  Or maybe it's just me.  What is your reaction when you see people you haven't seen in a while, you know that's the way to really judge yourself.  What are the things that cross your mind when you see acquaintances you haven't seen in a while?  I've often felt like people were glaring at me only to catch myself staring at someone else.  Initially, I thought I was simply materialistic, but then I caught myself not just looking for designer labels but listening for key phrases, like "married", "engaged", "children", "stay at home", etc., basically, all the things that society uses to build your human house.  As we know some of us live in glass houses, some of us live in houses made of straw, some of us live in houses made of sticks, and some live in houses made of bricks.  But I've decided as long as I live in a happy house that is "GOOD ENOUGH" for me.



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