I'm Leaving Him

Well, it's happened and I can't say I'm sorry.  I've fallen in love (with blogging) and I'm leaving my husband ('s website).

When my husband created his website over a year ago, I asked him if I could start my own blog on my website.  He wasn't convinced I would stick with it.  I suppose he's noticed my past tendencies to start something and eventually lose interest.  He wasn't in favor of spending money on a project he thought I would quickly abandon.

He suggested instead that I join him on his website.  I thought this was a great idea.  I am interested in fitness and have lots of things to say about being a personal trainer's wife.  Trust me, it has highs and lows.

And for a time we were happy.

We coordinated our topics so they made sense together.  We spent Friday nights drinking wine and typing.  We laughed about who got more views on their posts.  (I did.)  We argued over who's posts were more humorous.  (Mine were.)  We challenged each other to see who would include more relevant fitness information.  (He won.)

But soon my mind began to wander.

I thought about so many topics I wanted to write about that were not related to fitness or healthy living.  I fantasized about posting my recipe for the ultimate wine spritzer or recommending a new beauty discovery.  I longed to write about something new.  Soon my passion for fitness writing dried up.  I found myself quickly putting my nose in a book on Friday nights so my husband couldn't ask, "So...is tonight the night?  Are you going to post something?"  The answer was no.

Then my eyes began to wander.

There are so many attractive blogs on the Internet these days!  So many photos and topics and talented writers.  Once I started looking, I couldn't stop.  I found myself returning to CupofJo and OhJoy! over and over.  I envied their freedom, their photos and topics.  Soon, I knew what I had to do.

I had to leave the the website and strike out on my own.

My husband took the news better than expected.  Our separation is completely amicable.  I  guess he knew it was time.  I have promised to return from time to time and post something...just like old times.

So there you have it, how I rediscovered my  life-long love of writing.  And truth be told, I wouldn't have found it without my husband pushing me along.  And that is why I would never really leave him...just his website.

I hope you'll visit me in my new home at www.justalittlebitblog.com.



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