Happy Hippie Carrot Granola + An Earth Day Letter

Happy Earth Day! I’m going to get a little “crunchy” on you today. 

Earth Day is a very special holiday. It’s a reminder to recognize the amazing gifts the Earth delivers to us, each and every day. Over the last 3 years, I’ve made an incredible transformation into a tree-hugging Earth lover. I’ve eliminated things in my life that I thought were essential; I’ve found alternatives to many products I thought I could never live without; and I’ve changed my diet to a “kinder” one, that doesn’t rely on the pesticide use, antibiotic application, raising, and transportation of animals. I’m no eco-god though. I still have a few things I do that are definitely not as kind to the environment as I’d like.
For instance, I use too many paper towels in the kitchen; some of my beauty products are not “clean;” I will spray perfume on myself from time to time, even though I know that there are a slew of unregulated chemicals in them; and I don’t eat 100% organic. Also, my showers go on too long; I will leave the tap running when I brush my teeth on occasion; and we have too many vehicles at my house -one for each person. 

We should make changes where we can, and hold on to what's important to us, until we can make a sustainable switch . I’m not perfect, but I do make meaningful, small-scale changes that impact the environment in a big way. I’m striving to change some of my less-than-savoury environmental practices mentioned above over the next year. I’m a baby-step kind of girl, I’m not hasty. No health or environmental change I’ve ever made has been instant, but I do try to do a little something each day to improve. It’s incredible to look back and see the changes that have happened over the last 50 years regarding environmental achievements, and I hope to be able to witness firsthand, even more of those changes over the next 50 years.  

At the end of this year, I’m planning my “Ultimate Hippie Vacation,” where I intend to head to the west coast, hit up San Francisco; drive along the pacific coast highway; explore, hike, and practice some yoga in Big Sur and Yosemite; and drink plenty of green juice. Part of this trip is to celebrate my recovery after the year-long annoying sickness and surgery, and the other part is just to step out of my comfort zone, and experience something awe-inspiring, fun, and brand new. And since all hippies need a good granola recipe, I thought I'd create one that I can take along with me during my west coast hikes. This hippie-approved granola is filled with oats, buckwheat, carrots, and cinnamon. It’s good for you, the planet, tastes like carrot cake, and has Earth lover written all over it. I like this au naturel for snacking, or as a mini-meal with my East Homemade Cashew Milk.     

Let’s all do something nice for the planet today. Hug a tree! Eat some granola! Choose glass over plastic! Baby steps will eventually turn into a long walk. Enjoy this wonderful day, fellow Earth friends! 

If you have any must-do/must-see suggestions in San Francisco, the pacific coast highway, Big Sur, etc. I'd love to hear them!